What if I don’t play a musical instrument?

If you don’t play a musical instrument but would still like to be involved with Desert Overture, there are many ways to help. Desert Overture is always looking for volunteers!

Our volunteer roles fall under three general categories: Event Volunteers, Board Committee Volunteers, and Third Party Fundraisers.

Event volunteers donate their time by helping us at our events. Typical positions include box office staffing, ticket takers, ushers, stagehands, beer truck and booth staffing at festivals, and parade volunteers.

Board Committee Volunteers assist committees from the Board of Directors as needed. Examples of committees that commonly need volunteers include our Fundraising & Development Committee, which seeks outside funding for Desert Overture; the Production Committee, which helps with set/concert decor design & construction and concert logistics; and Marketing Committee, which oversees publicity for our performances & events.

Third Party Fundraisers are any community members who sponsor a fundraiser for Desert Overture. Desert Overture members are eager to help make each effort a success and we look forward to working with our incredible sponsors.

Contact us for one-time or recurring volunteer opportunities!