We welcome the opportunity to discuss how your bequest can play a meaningful role in our future and perpetuate your life values. Please contact us to discuss all of the memorial bequest opportunities available to you.

When making a decision to include Desert Overture in your estate plans, please direct your funds to:

“Desert Overture Live Cultural Entertainment, Inc. These funds are to be used to support
Desert Overture and/or Desert City Jazz at the discretion of the Desert Overture board.”

You may further specify your bequest to one of our on-going projects. Please contact us to discuss language that would best meet your needs to be sure we are able to apply the bequest in accordance with your wishes.

Every dollar given to Desert Overture through a bequest or other testamentary gift is fully deductible for federal estate tax purposes when certain legal requirements are met. An estate tax deduction is allowed for a deferred bequest to Desert Overture even though the bequest provides income benefits to individual beneficiaries.