untitled-shoot-2024-223x300What if I haven’t played in years?

No problem – that was true of almost everyone in our band when they joined. Of course you’ll need to practice outside of rehearsal, but you’ll be surprised how fast it comes back!  Some people choose to take a few private lessons to refresh their skills and “get their chops back”, either before auditioning for Desert Overture or after they’ve joined, but that’s not a requirement.

What level of playing/experience do I need in order to join?

We ask that you had experience playing your instrument at least one year at the high school level (even if that was MANY years ago!) You also need to be able to read music. If you are a percussionist, you must be able to at least read rhythms well; it's not required that you read pitches unless you play mallet percussion or timpani.

Is there an age requirement to be a member of Desert Overture?

We require that you be at least 18 years old in order to join the band. We have members ranging from college students to well beyond retirement, and every age in between.

When and where does the band rehearse?

Desert Overture rehearses Thursday nights, September through mid-June, from 7:00-9:30 at First Congregational United Church of Christ, 1407 N. 2nd St, Phoenix (one block south of McDowell Rd. on 2nd Street).

What will I need to provide?

  • Your own instrument (talk to the Artistic Director for ideas on where you can find one)

  • All accessories required for your instrument (oil, grease, reeds, mallets/drumsticks, mutes, lyre, etc.)

  • A pencil for every rehearsal

  • Uniform (tuxedo or black dress for formal concerts, band polo shirt and hat with khaki-colored shorts or pants for less formal events at the director’s discretion)

  • Desert Overture has an inventory of some band instruments that can be loaned. Our policy for loaning instruments is that the instrument cannot leave the band’s possession until dues are paid. There are some other requirements as well; please talk to the Artistic Director if you’re interested in using one of Desert Overture’s instruments. Percussion instruments are provided by the band, but percussionists may need to provide some of their own mallets/drumsticks.

What is the time commitment involved in playing with Desert Overture?

You will need to attend Thursday night rehearsals weekly (except for holidays, of course!). The first half of the season runs from September through our holiday concert in December; the second half runs from January through our concert in mid June. Click here for more information.

Do I have to audition to be accepted into the band?

We do have a very simple audition process for new members. After you express interest in joining, our Artistic Director, Scott Helms, will contact you to schedule an audition time. For the audition, you’ll be asked to prepare two short excerpts (about 60 seconds each): one piece that’s melodic/lyrical, and one piece that’s more technical/rhythmic. You can choose whatever music you’d like for these. You will also play your choice of a concert Bb scale or a chromatic scale from your lowest to your highest comfortable notes. Don’t worry - the point of this is not to see if you know your scales, it’s to determine your comfortable range. Finally, there will be a short and VERY simple sight-reading example for you to play. We hold auditions for new members in August/September and December/January, but you can contact us any time and let us know you’d like to join!

How much are dues and how can they be paid?

Dues are $80 per half year, payable within the first 45 days after the first rehearsal, or 3 weeks after the first rehearsal you attend, whichever is later. You can pay by cash, check, credit card, or online via PayPal.

If you played an instrument in high school and are looking for an opportunity to play again, please join us! If you'd like to join, or have any questions not answered here, contact Desert Overture’s Artistic Director, Scott Helms, at director@desertoverture.org or by phone at 480-818-3871.