Statement from DOLCE Board of Directors

Desert Overture and Desert City Jazz stand in solidarity with our community in the call to end violence against black people. We grieve the loss of countless black lives stemming from more than four hundred years of systemic, violent racism. We are eternally grateful for the courage of black LGBTQ+ activists that led the gay liberation which allows for the existence of our bands today. Music teaches us every day that we must listen, practice, fail, and try over and over again in order to learn, grow, and become better. #BlackLivesMatter

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Now you can enjoy delicious custom-blended coffee and support Desert Overture and Desert City Jazz!

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Desert Overture Member Program

The Desert Overture Member Program provides an excellent opportunity for individuals/couples and businesses to contribute to our success and receive benefits and recognition for your contribution. All members will be listed in each Desert Overture concert program and on our website for the season.

As an arts organization, our gift to the community is unique. We provide a venue for LGBTQ and straight musicians to come together and perform quality entertainment that everyone can enjoy. As a member, you are actively supporting arts in the LGBTQ community and beyond.

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Our Benefactors

Desert Overture Live Cultural Entertainment (DOLCE) gratefully acknowledges support from the following donors who made contributions between March 1, 2019 and February 28, 2020.  If we have omitted any donor by mistake, please accept our sincere apologies and contact us at


Encore ($1,000+)
Scott Helms
AZ Commission on the Arts
City of Tempe

Maestro ($500-$999)
Robert Lynn
Jeff Parker & John Waldron
Roger May & Tim Edwards

Virtuoso ($250 – $499) 
Leon Kochan

Soloist ($100 – $249)
Major Bruce M. Arnoldussen
Peggy Cuker

Band Geek ($50 – $99)
Dr. Raymond Botte
Leann Wieser

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Corporate and Organization Supporters

Desert Overture is grateful to the following companies and organizations for their financial support through their various grant programs: